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2013 Second Base Rankings

Written By on 9th January, 2013


Today marks another installment of Bullpen Banter’s 2013 fantasy rankings. You can catch up on the third base rankings and the first base rankings as well. Continuing around the infield, we have second base under examination today.

While looking at the over second base position for the coming season, one couldn’t help but notice how shallow it seemed at first. The decline of Chase Utley, the disaster of Rickie Weeks’ first half of the 2012 season, and former prospects — Dustin Ackley, Jemile Weeks, and Gordon Beckham to name a few — has left the keystone position surprisingly thin when it comes to superstars. That being said, there is good quantity, just not the top shelf quality. Solid players like Neil Walker and Dan Uggla can come surprisingly cheap after the top shelf talent gets moved. Through various mock drafts I’ve come to realize that I had been reaching for second basemen far too early. For example, I took Jose Altuve in the sixth round. In a mixed league draft! I saw the top tier second basemen flying off of the shelf and hit the panic button on a complete over-reaction. While I do love what Altuve brings to the table, he probably could have been there three rounds later. As it stands, I like the second base position for solid middle to late round picks, if you can stand to to wait on sleeper picks. These rankings assume the minimum of five starts or 10 games played, re-draft leagues, and for standard 5×5 roto leagues.





Robinson Cano

New York Yankees


Ian Kinsler

Texas Rangers


Dustin Pedroia

Boston Red Sox


Brandon Phillips

Cincinnati Reds


Ben Zobrist

Tampa Bay Rays


Rickie Weeks

Milwaukee Brewers


Aaron Hill

Arizona Diamondbacks


Jason Kipnis

Cleveland Indians


Jose Altuve

Houston Astros


Marco Scutaro

San Francisco Giants


Chase Utley

Philadelphia Phillies


Neil Walker

Pittsburgh Pirates


Danny Espinosa

Washington Nationals


Dan Uggla

Atlanta Braves


Howie Kendrick

Los Angeles Angels


Kyle Seager

Seattle Mariners


Daniel Murphy

New York Mets


Trevor Plouffe

Minnesota Twins


Emilio Bonifacio

Toronto Blue Jays


Omar Infante

Detroit Tigers


Dustin Ackley

Seattle Mariners


Gordon Beckham

Chicago White Sox


Kelly Johnson

Toronto Blue Jays


Jurickson Profar

Texas Rangers


Steve Lombardozzi

Washington Nationals


Cliff Pennington

Arizona Diamondbacks


Jeff Keppinger

Chicago White Sox


Skip Schumaker

Los Angeles Dodgers


Logan Forsythe

San Diego Padres


Scott Sizemore

Oakland Athletics

A Player to Grab: Rickie Weeks
After posting the worst wOBA since his rookie season, many are down on Weeks to ever be the player he once was. An ugly seasonal line of .230/.328/.400 is all that needs to be said. Full season numbers don’t tell the entire picture, as counter-intuitive as that may sound. Pre-All Star break Weeks hit a mere .199/.314/.343 compared to the post-All Star triple slash of .261/.343/.457. His second half numbers compare very favorably to his career numbers of .251/.350/.429. We must remember that even though a full season is 162 games, that is still a relatively short time frame. Even advanced statistics fluctuated violently — even over an entire season, let alone just half of a season — and as fantasy owners, we must see past the superficial statistics. For myself, I’ll drafting Weeks if the opportunity presents itself and I won’t look back for a second.

A Player to Pass: Ian Kinsler
To be fair, I shouldn’t single out Kinsler. I mean I’ll be passing on the top six or so second basemen as I just don’t feel the need to spend big/draft early on players who are second base eligible. As of January 9, Mock Draft Central has Kinsler’s average draft position is 45th. There isn’t anything wrong with spot on its own, but the question is do you really want to spend a fourth round pick on a middle infielder? Second base isn’t a haven for offensive superstars, but you can easily draft a team to offset any potential weakness at the keystone spot. For example, I would much rather have Jay Bruce (51 ADP) in the fourth round and Neil Walker (158 ADP) than spend big on Kinsler, or anything other big name player. As usual, a draft comes down to preparation and execution. If you go in with a plan of waiting on second basemen and drafting other positions early, you can come out way ahead in the long run.

David Wiers
David Wiers
About David Wiers

I love baseball in general, the Oakland A's to be specific and fantasy baseball as an aside. In addition to time spent here at Bullpen Banter, I write for RotoGraphs, co-host the 20-80 Report and Tarp Talk podcasts (both available on iTunes) and contribute to Big Leagues Monthly.

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7 Comments on "2013 Second Base Rankings"

  1. Profile Photo
    Pete January 9, 2013 at 4:54 pm -

    Where is Josh Rutledge on this list (or where would he rank)?  He could be hitting #2 at Colorado and has the potential in my opinion to be a 15/15 player with a decent average.

    • Profile Photo
      David Wiers January 9, 2013 at 5:09 pm -

      If he starts, and if he isn’t rushed horrible (which I think he is), and if he ever learns how to take a walk to get on base, then he’d rank in early 20′s.

      Clearly, I’m awfully skeptical of him as of right now.