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2013 Top 100 Prospect List

Written By on 4th March, 2013

2013 Top 100

For the fourth consecutive year our staff has compiled a Top 100 List to take you through Spring Training. Collectively, we’ve traveled around the country, scoured the internet for video, dug through the MiLB.tv archives, and spoke to sources to comprise the most insightful list and analysis you can find anywhere.

As we have in the past, we present our list differently than you are accustomed to seeing. Instead of presenting the entire bulk of our work at once, we’ll be releasing our in-depth round table discussions five prospects per day, Monday through Friday. We hope this method will help stimulate discussion and allow for our work to be more thoroughly digested by our readers.

Features for 2013

Discussion - If you have questions we will discuss the list or our rationale with you in a variety of places including the comment section below, our forum, Facebook, and Twitter. Use the hashtag #BB100 on Twitter our staff can follow along.

Fantasy Comments – Included within each profile is our fantasy baseball advice for the player.

Individual Lists – In 2013 we greatly expanded our roster of contributors for this project. In total, ten writers contributed comments and six unique lists were submitted to create our final product. All of the individual lists will be released once we’ve completed the countdown.

More Video – We’ve traveled the country filming the game’s best prospects so you can watch them. In 2013 the majority of our prospect profiles will have extensive prospect video!

Our Ranking Philosophy:

Assembling a top prospect list is a quixotic venture. Every prospector has his own subjective preferences and biases; some use various formulae to try to simplify the task, but the goal is always the same. We are attempting to project the top 100 future major league players out of a vast pool of incomplete players whose skill level is always in flux. A player’s “stock” can go through wild fluctuations throughout a season, and I would venture to say that it’s rare to find a legitimate prospect that doesn’t go through such an ebb and flow. This is the primary reason why we find little utility in statistical evaluations that we endorse when applied to major league players. Comparatively, major league players’ talent and, more importantly, skill level is a constant. Similar to Spring Training statistics, a minor league player may be working on certain aspects of his game rather than doing everything in his power to help his team succeed, making the raw statistical line little more than noise.

Any attempt at assembling the best among this group is going to simply be a photograph of the current state of things at an arbitrary moment in time. The brief period between the end of winter leagues and the start of spring training gives us a window to coalesce our thoughts, but we must never lose sight of that fact; nor may we think that a player’s exclusion equates to him being a “non-prospect.” ~ Jeff Reese


The List

1. Jurickson Profar - SS – Texas Rangers
2. Dylan Bundy – RHSP – Balitmore Orioles
3. Wil Myers - OF – Tampa Bay Rays
4. Taijuan Walker - RHSP – Seattle Mariners
5. Gerrit Cole - RHSP – Pittsburgh Pirates
6. Mike Zunino – C – Seattle Mariners
7. Zack Wheeler – RHSP – New York Mets
8. Oscar Taveras – OF – St. Louis Cardinals
9. Francisco Lindor – SS – Cleveland Indians
10. Jameson Taillon – RHSP Pittsburgh Pirates
11.  Jose Fernandez – RHSP – Miami Marlins
12. Carlos Correa – SS – Houston Astros
13. Travis d”Arunad – C – New York Mets
14. Shelby Miller – RHSP – St. Louis Cardinals
15. Kevin Gausman – RHSP – Baltimore Orioles
16. Byron Buxton – OF – Minnesota Twins
17. Tyler Skaggs – LHSP – Arizona Diamondbacks
18. Danny Hultzen – LHSP – Seattle Mariners
19. Anthony Rendon – 3B – Washington Nationals
20. Xander Bogaerts – SS – Boston Red Sox
21. Chrisitan Yelich – OF – Miami Marlins
22. Kyle Zimmer – RHSP – Kansas City Royals
23. Nick Castellanos – 3B/OF – Detriot Tigers
24. Albert Almora - OF – Chicago Cubs
25. Javier Baez - SS – Chicago Cubs
26. Archie Bradley – RHSP – Arizona Diamondbacks
27. Aaron Sanchez - RHSP – Toronto Blue Jays
28. Miguel Sano – 3B – Minnesota Twins
29. Max Fried – LHSP – San Diego Padres
30. Mike Olt - 3B – Texas Rangers
31. Addison Russell - SS – Oakland Athletics
32. Jorge Soler – OF – Chicago Cubs
33. Matt Barnes – RHSP – Boston Red Sox
34.  Noah Syndergaard – RHSP – New York Mets
35. Mason Williams – OF – New York Yankees
36. Alen Hanson - SS – Pittsburgh Pirates
37. Julio Teheran – RHSP – Atlanta Braves
38. Trevor Bauer – RHSP – Cleveland Indians
39.  Robert Stephenson -RHSP – Cincinnati Reds
40. Gary Sanchez – C – New York Yankees
41. Jackie Bradley Jr. – OF – Boston Red Sox
42. David Dahl – OF – Colorado Rockies
43. Jonathan Singleton – 1B – Houston Astros
44. Gregory Polanco – OF – Pittsburgh Pirates
45. Taylor Guerrieri- RHSP – Tampa Bay Rays
46. Lucas Giolito – RHSP – Washington Nationals
47. Carlos Martinez - RHSP – St. Louis Cardinals
48. George Springer – OF – Houston Astros
49. Kaleb Cowart – 3B - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
50. Oswaldo Arcia - OF – Minnesota Twins
51. Trevor Story – SS – Colorado Rockies
52. Courtney Hawkins – OF – Chicago White Sox
53. Kyle Crick – RHSP – San Francisco Giants
54. Joe Ross – RHSP – San Diego Padres
55. Billy Hamilton – OF – Cincinnati Reds
56. Luis Heredia – RHSP – Pittsburgh Pirates
57. Nick Franklin – SS – Seattle Mariners
58. Nolan Arenado – 3B – Colorado Rockies
59. Austin Hedges – C – San Diego Padres
60. Tyler Austin – OF – New York Yankees
61. Trevor Rosenthal – RHP – St. Louis Cardinals
62. James Paxton – LHSP – Seattle Mariners
63. Justin Nicolino – LHSP – Miami Marlins
64. Brian Goodwin – OF – Washington Nationals
65. Chris Archer – RHP – Tampa Bay Rays
66. Casey Kelly – RHSP – San Diego Padres
67. Dorssys Paulino  - SS – Cleveland Indians
68. Jake Odorizzi – RHSP – Tampa Bay Rays
69. Wily Peralta – RHSP – Milwaukee Brewers
70. Roberto Osuna – RHSP – Toronto Blue Jays
71. Martin Perez – LHSP – Texas Rangers
72. Alex Meyer – RHSP – Minnesota Twins
73. Jake Marisnick – OF – Miami Marlins
74. Leonys Martin – OF – Texas Rangers
75. Dan Straily – RHSP – Oakland Athletics
76. Kolten Wong – 2B – St. Louis Cardinals
77. Jedd Gyorko – 2B/3B – San Diego Padres
78. Aaron Hicks - OF – Minnesota Twins
79. Kyle Gibson – RHSP – Minnesota Twins
80. Michael Wacha - RHSP – St. Louis Cardinals
81. Derek “Bubba” Starling – OF – Kansas City Royals
82. Yordano Ventura – RHP – Kansas City Royals
83. Slade Heathcott – OF – New York Yankees
84. Lance McCullers – RHSP – Houston Astros
85. Zach Lee – RHSP – Los Angeles Dodgers
86. Stryker Trahan – C – Arizona Diamondbacks
87. Brett Jackson – OF – Chicago Cubs
88. Jorge Alfaro – C – Texas Rangers
89. Corey Seager – 3B – Los Angeles Dodgers
90. Chris Stratton – RHSP – San Francisco Giants
91. Adalberto Mondesi – SS – Kansas City Royals
92. Robbie Erlin – LHSP – San Diego Padres
93. Allen Webster – RHSP – Boston Red Sox
94. Marcus Stroman – RHP – Toronto Blue Jays
95. Joey Gallo – 1B – Texas Rangers
96. Delino DeShields Jr. – 2B – Houston Astros
97. Victor Sanchez – RHSP – Seattle Mariners
98. A.J. Cole – RHSP – Washington Nationals
99. Josh Bell – OF – Pittsburgh Pirates
100. Andrew Heaney - LHSP – Miami Marlins

Note from JD: I need to publicly thank our staff for the immense amount of work they put into this project. They conquered numerous deadlines and last minute requests in a very short period of time. Each person stepped up in a variety of capacities making this year’s Top 100 List painless and stress free.

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35 Comments on "2013 Top 100 Prospect List"

  1. Profile Photo
    Chuck March 4, 2013 at 9:50 am -

    I would be easier for your readers if you posted the entire list, then added the individual links later on.

    • Profile Photo
      JD Sussman March 4, 2013 at 10:05 am -

      Chuck, I respectfully disagree :)

      We’ve done it both ways and found the interaction with our readers to be more vibrant when we do it this way. The rationale is that the write ups, not the rankings, are the substance we want you to digest. We hope you enjoy… but sorry to make you wait! 

  2. Profile Photo
    Chuck March 4, 2013 at 10:23 am -

    Fair enough, JD..I guess I’m in the minority as I’m only interested in the list.

    Do you know when it will be complete?

    • Profile Photo
      JD Sussman March 4, 2013 at 10:39 am -

      The final profile will be posted on the 29th. 

  3. Profile Photo
    JordanE March 4, 2013 at 11:20 am -

    Rankings are “fun” but I definitely agree that I prefer the content.  Especially on the lower portion of the top 100 where you don’t hear as much about guys like Victor Sanchez.
    I think you are establishing yourselves as one of the top prospect websites available.  Thanks for the great work.

    • Profile Photo
      Steve Fiorindo March 4, 2013 at 12:07 pm -

      Thanks for the feedback Jordan.  

    • Profile Photo
      melotticus March 11, 2013 at 11:16 pm -

      I already have these guys as one of my daily sites and see their opinions and rankings at the same level as Baseball America, John Sickels, Baseball Prospectus, MLB.com and Keith Law.

      • Profile Photo
        JD Sussman March 12, 2013 at 11:34 am -

        Thanks for the kind words, we do our best! Remember though, we’re hobbysts and those entities are full-time writers/analysts. 

  4. Profile Photo
    Aidan Flynn March 4, 2013 at 5:58 pm -

    I look forward to these every year and thanks for the great work you guys do. I am a fan of the five-per-day format, as it makes all the information easier to digest. Once again, thanks

    • Profile Photo
      Jeff Reese March 4, 2013 at 8:12 pm -

      Thank you for reading!

  5. Profile Photo
    Ryan Kennedy March 4, 2013 at 8:40 pm -

    I like the staggered release as well. Much more interested in the write ups. Thanks 

  6. Profile Photo
    Brandon Riley March 7, 2013 at 5:15 pm -

    I have  to agree, The ordered list doesn’t matter as whether someone is 75 or 81 is inconsequential in my mind, but the write ups are what set this site above others.

  7. Profile Photo
    Chris March 26, 2013 at 9:59 am -

    Loving the list and the 5 a day. Obviously there is so much hype surrounding Puig right now, do you guys not see him anywhere in the top 100? Unless he is a top 15 guy which would be the highest I have seen anywhere. Just wanted to know your thoughts on him. 

    • Profile Photo
      Jeff Reese March 26, 2013 at 10:18 pm -

      Glad you’re enjoying the list, Chris!

      We were all a bit skeptical of Puig when we submitted our lists. He made most of them, but it was generally in the 100-125 range (Chris was the only exception, I think) so he fell out of our top 100. This spring has certainly raised his stock.

      We will be releasing updated individual lists next week, and I would bet that he makes a number of them.

  8. Profile Photo
    Nick in Cincinnati March 29, 2013 at 1:29 pm -

    Excellent job with the Top 100 again this year guys. It is definitely one of the most thoroughly researched lists available. The lengthy write-ups and discussions for every prospect make you guys the All Stars of the prospecting league! I look forward to digging into your work every Spring.
    The only ways to make it better would be to make the list longer than 100, publish it earlier so we would have the complete list before our fantasy drafts, and update it midseason. Keep up the great work!

    • Profile Photo
      JD Sussman March 29, 2013 at 1:58 pm -

      Thanks, Nick! I want to get the list done before fantasy drafts next year. We’ll update it mid-year, as we always do. As for going beyond 100, that’s a lot of work!

  9. Profile Photo
    Michael April 2, 2013 at 9:27 pm -

    Who do you think has the best chance/best tools to make the jump from “mid level” prospect to a Top 10 type of guy inthe next year?

    • Profile Photo
      Jeff Reese April 2, 2013 at 10:15 pm -


      It’s always tough to predict who will break out, but the best bets are the most toolsy. Adalberto Mondesi and Dorssys Paulino would be my favorites amongst the back half to make a drastic jump up this list. A number of guys inside the top 50 could see steady improvement and be in that mix too.

  10. Profile Photo
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