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Adalberto Mondesi #91 – 2013 Top 100

Written By on 5th March, 2013

#91 Adalberto Mondesi (Shortstop[S/R])

Kansas City Royals

16 232 60 7 3 19 65 11 .290 .346 .386 .336

Date of Birth: July 27th, 1995(age 17)
Origin: Signed as an International Free Agent in 2011 out of the Dominican Republic
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 165

Evan Rentschler:  I have to admit that I slept on Mondesi, thinking that several other Dominican Prospect league players of the past two years were more advanced physically and skill-wise. I wasn’t terribly high on the bat heading into his draft year, as he seemed even more aggressive than your average DPL 15-year-old and featured a flat, line drive stroke. I was impressed with the glove, and am not surprised that he has fared well stateside at SS; don’t let the error totals fool you, because he’s got range, excellent actions, and his father’s arm.

The fringy walk and strikeout rates bear out the qualms about his aggressive approach, but considering he began the Pioneer League season at age 16, they’re not too alarming, and his contact ability gives him a decent floor. He’ll probably never have his father’s power, but I wouldn’t rule out above average home run totals  — especially for a SS —as he’s already filling out through the neck and shoulders and looks as if that innate contact ability will allow him to get to his power. Mondesi is a potentially special player who could bound up this list if he hits the ground running in Lexington. Start your “next Profar” mutterings now.

Chris Blessing: As Evan hit on in his comments, Adalberto Mondesi, despite a high number of errors, features good defensive glovework at a premium defensive position.  As everyone in the baseball world saw with the Didi Gregorius trade to Arizona, the value of fielding the position of Shortstop has never been higher.  A lot of things work in Mondesi’s favor going forward as a potentially helium watch candidate.  For one, the contact skills that he displays at such a young age are phenomenal.  As he gains maturity, it’s imperative for Mondesi to learn plate discipline as he makes one of the toughest jumps in the minors to full season ball.  While I feel it’s a little too soon to anoint Mondesi the “Next Profar”, I feel this kid’s prospect stock is about to explode.

Al Skorupa: I’m with you guys. Mondesi looks like a ballplayer. The tools are impressive. He’s a sure fire shortstop. You have to be impressed by his performance in the Pioneer League as a 16 year old. It’s understandable to see some Profar comps as he did the roughly same thing. Mondesi also has an advanced feel for the game you just don’t see in 16 year olds (again, Profar aside). This last year was a strange one where many good, young shortstop prospects broke out. Don’t forget Mondesi in that mix because he could be an impact major league shortstop.

Fantasy Outlook by Evan Rentschler:
Eventually Mondesi should be a player who is owned in every type of league, but for now he’s only viable for deep keeper and dynasty leagues. Even advanced teen phenoms like Jurickson Profar take three and a half to four years before they even hit the majors, and there may be an initial acclimation period that renders their fantasy value as marginal. Point being, this is a very high ceiling player but one who requires patience, and who may not hit the bigs until 2016.

The ultimate power ceiling may be in question, but the present gap power should lead to double digit homers, batting average and on-base should be solid, and the fact that he’ll be an above average SS will make him a premium player. It remains to be seen if the speed produces good stolen base numbers, but the other stats should offset any deficiency in that category. Dynasty owners with reasonably deep minor league benches will want to speculate and stash now.

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