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Banter Breakdown: Kyle Parker OF, Colorado Rockies

Written By on 9th August, 2012

Before I get started on Kyle Parker, I want to welcome Steve Carter to the Bullpen Banter family. You have probably read some of Steve’s work over at Project Prospect. I have been a fan of his work for some time now, and truly appreciate his analysis of hitting and hitters, and I am hoping he slides into a similar role that Kevin Scobee is doing right now on the pitching side. I know I haven’t been publishing a lot of pieces of late as I have been focusing more on the video side, and I’m sure I’ll be relying on these guys to add some depth and analysis to accompany the video I, and the rest of the Banter crew, put together for the site.

For our first breakdown we are looking at Colorado Rockies outfield prospect Kyle Parker, who I got my first live look at a few weeks back down in Lake Elsinore as Parker’s Modesto Nuts took on the Lake Elsinore Storm (hat tip to the Storm staff for taking care of me and JD who caught one of the games when he was in town for the weekend). For this first piece, Steve and I will just bullet point some of our notes on Parker, and you can check out the video.

Steve Carter’s Notes:

  • Football frame and strength, game has been predicated on that in the past.
  • Further away from football he gets, better his baseball skills become.
  • Tall setup with no leverage last year, sitting into his legs now to stay centered and force his legs to work more.
  • Cut down big on head movement and lateral movement in stride, helped cut some length on back end of swing.
  • Still works from the waist up, Power comes from core and chest, but bp shows emphasis on getting rear leg more involved.
  • Bat speed is ok, quickness is just ok, straight away approach plus last two lead to him getting beat more than he should.
  • To me, when he goes oppo, more often that not, it’s because he got beat, not adjusted out.
  • Too much reacting, not enough attacking. Doesn’t react like a guess hitter, but acts like a guy who reacts instead if attacking, which given his tools and position, he needs to. Late negative hand action is that commonly used by guys who have developed it from years of a ‘wait and rake’ approach.
  • I like that he’s not afraid to be making adjustments, but he fits a slugger’s profile, and doesn’t the have the swing for it yet.
  • Late trigger is slow developing, and doesn’t allow explosion through the zone like he should be capable of.
  • Straight away approach limits raw to pull side, along with lack of a lot of lift in plane.

Steve Fiorindo’s Notes:

  • Solid/athletic frame stands out, powerful lower half.
  • In BP, he was working on driving the ball away, he had some hitter’s counts where I was looking for him to turn and unload, but didn’t really get to see that.
  • Back side breaks down a tick too early, stay tall a little longer and drive through the ball. Many of the at bats ended up going right side, but not really driving ball with authority.
  • Sound approach at the plate, didn’t offer at many pitches out of the zone.
  • Elevates with the plane of the swing, rather than hitting with a lofted swing. Again, staying a little more upright would aid in attacking with flatter swing plane and more leverage from the back side.

I think both Steve and myself see Parker evolving into the power hitting corner outfielder that the Rockies envisioned when selecting him in the first round back in 2010 if he can continue to make some adjustments. Parker is putting up some big numbers in the Cal this year and can continue putting up big numbers outside of the Cal if he can make a few adjustments at the plate. The sound approach at the plate will often put him in good hitter’s counts and we both want to see him attack balls on the inner half and use the strength in his lower half to further tap into his raw strength that really didn’t show in this look. The fact that he is willing to go the other way is a huge plus, but I think that there is more there than just hitting the ball the other way, I think he can drive the ball to the oppo side.

Steve Fiorindo
Steve Fiorindo
About Steve Fiorindo

Steve Fiorindo has been with Bullpen Banter for over a year now. He lives in Southern California and has been focusing on amateur and minor league prospects. He's been hitting the video hard this past year with a lot of his work being featured on MLB Networks draft coverage in 2012. Steve can be reached by email at SFiorindo@BullpenBanter.com and you can follow him on Twitter: @SocalSteve9

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