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Deven Marrero Scouting Report

Written By on 23rd August, 2012

When I saw Deven Marrero playing for the Team USA Collegiate National Team last summer I came away extremely impressed and thought he looked like an easy top 10 draft pick. He was an high energy guy with a fantastic glove and he made some of the loudest contact of any of the Team USA players. He fought through an ankle injury this Spring that altered his swing and fellow BB authors Steve Fiorindo and Peter Wardell were less impressed. He hasn’t often played with the same energy for Lowell this Summer, but flashes are there as he continues to try and figure out his swing. Marrero still stands out as a good buy-low pick by the Red Sox scouting department in a 1st round and draft that lacked quality college position players. I’m less confident in his bat than ever, though. His command of the strike zone numbers (31 BB: 39 K) aren’t particularly demonstrative of what I’ve seen out of him this Summer. Consistency has been a major issue at-bat to at-bat. The overall line (.256/.353/.357) isn’t great but isn’t all that terrible and I wouldn’t at all be shocked to see him come out of the gates strong next Spring.

  • Short Description: Plus defender at SS. Bat speed and should hit for gap to gap power. Aggressive hitter. Approach needs work.


Thin, wiry, athletic build. Needs to add muscle. Teenage/youthful looking body. Should be able to add strength without losing athleticism or having to move positions.

Hit Tool:

Very good bat speed and natural feel for barrelling up the ball. Capable of loud contact – especially for a middle infielder. Aggressive approach and will expand strike zone in all directions. Ability to hit bad balls and good plate coverage leads him to chase as he thinks he can hit any pitch. Hits the ball where its pitched to any field. Comfortable spraying ball gap to gap but best contact to pull. Very inconsistent ABs. Does not look for his pitch. Chases early in the count. Complicated swing mechanics with exaggerated drift back, pause over back leg with big kick and drift forward to contact. Timing issues with his swing. Will get out in front of pitches on his front foot and it turns him into a slasher type. From time to time he steps in the bucket. Creates some extra distance with hands and can add some loopiness to his swing plane. Mostly keeps his hands inside the ball in a good hitting position but sometimes gets too rotational and is late. Most of his swing flaws are a result of his complicated swing and the resulting timing problems. Marrero is capable of hitting for a high AVG once he’s straightened out.

  • Present: 3
  • Future: 5


Line drive swing plane and small frame limit him to the gaps but he’s capable of plenty of extra base hits when he’s going well. At his best his game is hard contact to all fields. If he gets stronger and cleans up his swing doubles into the gaps should be common. Swing is not suited for over the fence power but pure bat speed and ability to square balls up will lead to some home runs. 7-15 homers a year is a reasonable expectation.

  • Present: 3
  • Future: 4


Plus glove. Can make every play as a SS. Excellent body control and body awareness in the field. Gets good reads and jumps on balls. Positions himself well and shows good alertness in the field. Quick, soft hands and turns the double play well. Some field general attributes and can be captain of the infield. Strong and accurate arm can make any throw. Good carry and gets rid of the ball quickly. Makes play in the hole well and excellent coming in on balls. With improved consistency should be a plus defensive SS at the major league level.

  • Arm Present: 6
  • Arm Future: 6
  • Field Present: 6 
  • Field Future: 7


Naturally an above average runner but times to 1B are often just average because he’s typically slow out of the box. He can hit a second gear on the basepaths when needed. Doesn’t possess great natural footspeed but it shows better in the field. Aggressive baserunner who dances around and takes big leads. Very comfortable on the basepaths but needs to make better decisisons. Will steal a few bases and will especially pick on pitchers who don’t hold him well.

  • Present: 5
  • Future: 5

  • Strengths: Plus defensive SS. Baseball rat. Very good bat speed and bat control. Capable of loud contact. Can be difficult to strike out.
  • Weaknessess: Aggressive approach. Not a selective hitter. Poor two strike approach and needs to develop a plan at the plate. Effort sometimes inconsistent in recent viewings.
  • Ceiling: Top of the order gold glove caliber SS who puts the ball in play.
  • Floor: Free swinging utility player.
  • Summary/Likely Role: Plus glove SS who will play hard. Won’t hit in the middle of the order but will put the ball in play and into the gaps.

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