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Early Draft Prep: The High School 1B of the 2013 Draft Class

Written By on 6th December, 2012

In this most recent entry of the series, Don takes a look at the top high school first basemen for the 2013 MLB Draft.

Dominic Smith Serra HS, Los Angeles CA
Committed to USC

A real throw back type that has impressed me with his versatility, a definite two way player in college and it would not put it past me to think 80 years ago he would have been a two way professional. He is simply a gifted athlete that makes everything look easy; a kid that has been on the map for ages and no one can find harsh warts in his game to throw him off a high grade. I recently watched him behind the dish and boy he can do it all, left handed! Not overall tall or wide, but frame and present muscular development are solid, real athletic build and body type, from a body standpoint he reminds me a lot of Danny Tartabull. Decent overall development, could fill out nicely into a solid 225 frame, maybe more because you see a ton of fast twitch in him. Good development in the bryce hforearms and wrist, show solid strength. Defensively he is smooth and effortless, sound footwork around the bag, good movement and strong arm/accuracy is solid for cutoff, etc… real strength is the glove and response, could be a solid defensive option at first. Arm has plus strength and good carry that he could provide solid value in RF, enhancing versatility. Batting is a slightly open and upright stance, bat is a touch noisy, hands in solid starting position up and out. Dominican hitch type of trigger, solid foundation that sometimes shows a leaky drift, but minor. Overall nice rotation swing, but drift and slight head level from time to time iron out. His bat speed is elite and path for spray contact, driven well, ball has distinct pop off the bat head. Good control of the bat head, hands are always up and shows the ability to take anywhere with power. Solid dual threat bat with contact potential to a solid No. 3 type hitter at a power premium position.

Slot: Middle of Round 1

More Dom Smith videos:

Ryan Tellez Elk Grove HS, Elk Grove CA
Committed to USC

I know, bad body, soft, looks like a DH early in his career. There will be a ton of labels throw on him for his body, and most will not stick when he steps on the field. It has clean up a bit; he is simply a mountain of man. He plays well for his size, moves well for the large frame that he could realistically stick at 1B. I would not list him a strictly “bat only”, as I have seen worse trot out to first in my day; there might be that transition to DH at some point. His bat shows some decent lag, it can be a touch long, and shows a sound extension. There is a touch of wrap, leads to a slight bit of load. I do give him credit as it has compacted a little over the years, looks a bit cleaner, still a small point of concern. Although, he does drop his hands a touch early and leave his swing long through the zone. Has the clear hand strength to maintain that long swing and still leave room to generate speed, sound hand speed keeps the bat on path. Slight lift extension landing start the lower half, good weight transition, but can get his weight over a touch too much. His hips open a touch early, helping to generate the lag in the swing. He controls the bat head well, showing both a sound line drive path, as well as a touch of loft. He has ability to extend on everything at this stage. Strength and path display power to all fields, real potent pull power with the lag. There are contact concerns on the inner half, much so up and tight, the long swing at times can leave some questions, potential holes that would need to be addressed. I do like the fact that he rides with pitches at times, there is enough pop that contact could play at average, though.

Slot: 2nd to 3rd Round

Bryce Harman L.C. Bird HS, Chesterfield VA
Committed to ECU

Tall and lean for frame, even as he carries weight, little development in the lower half, upper quads, and hips.Wide upper back, not much size, but some decent muscular development. There is a huge projection on him, and he should sit at least 240 as he matures. Recent member of the “lefty 90″ club, he is starting to show more chops on the hill over the bat, but his bat/glove have real promise to showcase as a position player as well, a clear two way college prospect. At the plate, clear open stance with a touch of pigeon toe, slight leg lift and toe touch. Weight transfer is clear, but a touch too far out front and caught drifting at times in the lower half. Ear hole hands, there is some drift and drop, leaving his swing long through the zone. Some length in the swing, but maintains path and shows lift. He has good bat speed and nice pop off the stick. Rides with the pitch well and really extends out in the upper half, better pull hitter at this stage. Clearly can see some ironing on the wrinkles to show a good deal of power, and some contact to allow it to play out. Large strides, shows good range, can see the athletic ability and footwork to play a good first base. On the mound, he will top 91, sit 88-90, high slot, good plane on the offering. Flashes a decent 1/7 curve and change up, nice natural tail on arsenal. Shorts himself a bit, so there is room to improve the extension and enhance to maximize his frame.

Slot: 4th to 7th Round

Joe Dudek Christian Brothers Academy, West Township NJ
Committed to UNC

Ideal height, wide frame, good foundation of muscular development in the hips and upper back, looks to sit 215-220 pounds and some projection left in it. He frame and development has mold of Todd Helton when you watch him walk around. Good agility and footwork around the bag, shows decent arm strength and carry to showcase as a LF, where the power bat could increase his overall value. Bats with a wide open stance, with a touch on inner knee buckle, a bit un-orthodox starting point. Hands are out and up, good trigger point. A little lift and drag, has him really wide at toe touch, with some decent knee bend. A little load and bat wrap in the hands to get going, a touch long swing. Hands come through the zone in a hurry, ideal loft in the swing, typical left handed power path, shows pull power. Shows pretty good plate coverage, good inside/out approach to go with pop in the opposite direction, shows more than gap power type opposite strength. Little shortened and more line drive two strike swing at times, nice signs that he could be a decent dual threat bat, but more pull power only. Since his swing can get long, has shown trouble with inside heat, rolls hands on quality break, but overall real projectable with the stick.

Slot: 3rd to 7th Round

Don Olsen
Don Olsen
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