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Early Draft Prep: The High School 3B of the 2013 Draft Class

Written By on 21st November, 2012

Travis Demeritte Winder-Barrow HS, Statham GA
Committed to South Carolina

Wide and square frame, long limbs for size and plays longer than
listed size. Athletic build, solid foundation and fair development at
this point, and a good deal of projection left, as he can fill out in
the hips and upper back. He looks the part to sit around 220 pounds
down the road. Soft hands really stand out, good agility to both
sides, makes the more difficult plays routine. Limbs and athletic
ability give him impressive range. Arm strength is well above average,
quick hands, quick release, and enough in the back pocket to play and
make all the throws. Tools and athletic ability to be a plus defender
down the line. The approach is not a desirable one, but he has the
raw ability to show a decent blend of contact and power, with
maturation power could be high ticket item. The point of emphasis in
batting is the pure athletic ability, hand speed, and bat speed. The
pop off the stick is loud, just a bit funky at this point
mechanically. He has a slightly open stance and toe touch trigger.
Travis gets the lower half and hips activated, although, he needs to
see consistency getting the hips square and ideal weight transfer at
times. Sometimes he is out on front a bit early without hips getting
into it, leads to arm swings. A good deal of load and drift with the
hands, but plus bat speed to make up for it. Overall a few wrinkles
to iron out, but potent potential with the bat. You can never teach
bat speed and he has the ability to whip it through the zone in a

Slot: Middle 1st – Compensatory 1st

John Sternagel Rockledge HS, Rockledge FL
Committed to Florida

Ideal frame, good overall development in the lower half, present size
and strength which still shows projection, could sit 225-230 as a
professional. Body and movements remind me of Travis Fryman.
Defensively is a tweener at this stage, has the range, lateral
agility, and footwork to play a serviceable shortstop, but strong arm
and quick reactions are better suited to third base, where he could
showcase as plus defender. At third, he has a combination of soft
hands and quick movements, can pick well to his right, good lateral
movements, quick feet. His transfer and quick release allow the arm
speed to play up, good enough to man the hot corner. At the plate, he
uses lower half extremely well with a slightly wider than shoulder
width stance. Subtle lift to trigger, good weight transfer and
consistently squares hips, rotational swing with good tempo. There
is a touch of drift and wrap in his load, leaves the bat a touch
longer in the zone than ideal, seen a quality fastball get by a few
times. Quality bat speed, hands stay inside, inline swing, real clean
through the zone, would be ideal with him starting out and back.
Solid extension, really gets all the big muscles in the swing. Shows
some pull power and touch of loft at 5 O’clock,. Good pop in games,
hard contact. I see above average power, could be more in the tank
with a better compact swing. Potential for dual threat bat, more
power than contact.

Slot: 2nd-4th Round

Kevin Franklin Gahr HS, Cerritos CA
Committed to ASU

Wide shoulder and athletic frame, present physical development, solid
and bottom heavy, big rear and hip development. He should show a
touch of projection to sit 230, improve a bit of body composition.
Agile and nimble on the feet, quick first step to right and left, good
range. Flashes solid glove. Arm strength is close to plus, carry
could allow him to push into RF, so some versatility on defense.
Mimic a few aspects of Albert Pujols setup, lower half spacing, knee
bend, trigger. A bit if drift and load into the swing, but bat speed
and attack angle are solid. Path has a touch of loft to it. Good deal
of pull in at present stage, susceptible to outside, where gets weight
out and more arm swing. A touch of aggression that expands the zone,
but all tied to “showcase power”. If out and back, his bat speed
could make for a potent bat, as he uses his hips with a sound
rotational swing, could show power to all fields. A bit raw, but bat
speed and rotational aspects, plus the defensive ability make him a
well rounded tool based prospects with upside.
Slot: 2nd-3rd Round

Brett Hanewich IMG Academy, Bradenton FL
Committed to Stanford

Good kid, good makeup, no shock to see this kid with the potential to
step on the Palo Alto campus. Solid frame, a bit of present muscular
development, overall mass, who could fill out a bit more. Strictly
from a frame and size potential, he reminds me of Ryan Zimmerman.
Solid first step, good enough movement to right and left, soft hands,
plus arm, sound all around mobility. Size may increase, but should
not impact his ability to play corner position. Switch hitting
prospect. Right handed swing: A little stiff, there is some load and
drift in the swing, makes it a touch long, decent enough bat speed
that with compaction it could work. There is some lift in the swing
and not lower half driven, real arm driven approach. Path, size,
compaction, better weight transfer could show power potential. He is
not a lock to stick from this side, but shows enough that I would see
it continue to progress at the collegiate or professional level,
increase versatility. Left handed swing: He better approach at the
moment. There is little to no load in the swing, starting up and out,
little rock to it, overall relatively quite. The hand speed is a
touch better from the left side, really throws the hands out. He
shows a better rotation, better lag in the swing, better timing.
Displays a sound weight transfer and really nice extension through the
swing, overall nice balanced approach for contact. The path and
action shows pull power, so there is signs of dual ability, not sure
if either reaches plus. Very good pitcher as well, who I clocked
consistently in the 88 – 91 range as a junior, with some cut and sink
to it. Solid 11/5 curve, flashes a projectable slider and change up
that show decent command. If he ends up at Stanford, he would be a
two way prospect in college. I like him on the mound, over in the

Slot: 5th-8th Round

Sheldon Neuse Keller Fossil Ridge HS, Fort Worth TX
Committed to Oklahoma

Slightly sloped shoulder frame, decent width, little narrow in the
hips. Some physical development, more in the mold of a Dean Palmer
type body, a touch of projection down the line. SS at this stage,
moves well to both sides, highly athletic glide, soft hands, good
pick. He has the arm to carry. I actually like his footwork around
the bag and could be maintain ability to the left side of the infield
in early development. I think he could get away at 2B, thus improving
his value with the stick. Either way, he could play SS tomorrow, but
I think all three positions could logically be at play, with 2B/3B his
likely home. Slightly more than shoulder width and upright stance,
subtle knee bend, ear hole hands, overall quite setup. Little toe
touch and stride, not a trigger to get him going, nice athletic
ending. Little touch of load, not much to concern with approach.
Hands and bat head are ideal, mainly line drive swing, little lift to
it at times. Nice rotational swing, decent lower half transfer that
is a little late at times, clean extension at times. A bit of concern
with him stretching the zone, very aggressive approach to high
offerings, bat speed was not clean to catch up to it.

Slot 2nd – 4th round

Joey Martarano Fruitland HS, Fruitland ID
Committed to Boise State (Football scholarship)

One of the premier athletes in this entire draft. I have been told
that he has the foundation to play linebacker on Sundays, and body
looks the part. He is mountain of a human being at his age, rock
solid 225-235 pounds. Well developed all over, through the upper and
lower bodies, present strength and man child size. Athleticism oozes
as he has a very quick first step, just all fast twitch, explosive in
every facet of the game. He looks the part, acts the part, and plays
the part of the gym rat to a “T”. Soft hands, strong arm and quick
transition are what key traits stand out at 3B. His first move is
quick, very fast twitch ability on display. Wide stance, with little
lift and toe touch trigger. Lower half hips get well into swing,
solid lower half power driven rotation, always squares up and real
sound extension that is a easy driving source for power. Hands start
ear hole, little load is consistent, can show a touch of wrap at
times. He drops hands early and little long through the zone when he
tries to pull it, typical power hitters profile. Hands will throw out
well at times, bat comes through in a hurry, loud contact off the
stick with a touch of loft in it. Clear high power potential, contact
should allow it to flourish, not out of the blue that he could
compact, as I see sometimes, on a more consistent basis to be a decent
dual threat, with power that jumps as contact would improve.

Slot: Compensatory 1st – 2nd round

Gosuke Katoh Rancho Bernardo HS, San Diego CA
Committed to UCLA

He is a “twiner” that I should have thrown into the 2B/SS group, but
none the less from a defensive standpoint he could fill into SS/3B, if
needed, profiles to me as clear 2B prospect though. Slider, longer
limb frame, not much projection outside of strength, but present
surprising wiry power in the forearm/wrist. Glove and range can play
anywhere on the field, solid movement around the bag, clean to both
left and right, quick first step charge, arm is just fringe, but
enough to make routine plays to be used in a pinch anywhere in utility
role. One of his biggest assets is that he can play the small ball
game, using speed well in all facets. Wide stance, not a textbook
lower half, but shows clear weight transfer. There is a touch of load
and bit of wrap. There are times in the swing where he drops the
hands early and real arm driven swing, riding heavier on low
offerings. Good bat speed and pop off the stick, loud contact. At
it’s best, he has a clean level swing with a touch of lift in it, hand
speed and bat speed can give him some decent power for size. He looks
a bit unconventional/unorthodox, but solid hitting skills for what
could be above average contact. His speed and ability should allow
this facet of his game to flourish, solid all around 2B prospect.

Slot: 4th – 6th round

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