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Written By on 3rd January, 2013

by Don Olsen


Today Don takes a look at some of the top High School outfield prospect for the 2013 MLB Draft. . .

Austin Meadows Grayson HS, Grayson GA
Committed to Clemson

Austin has body similarities to Colby Rasmus or Steve Finley, has a
great deal of mimicking athletic ability where he matches up fairly
decent across the board with both players. Good overall athletic
build, can fill out in the lower half a bit more, good size for age,
not much definition, which he should build upon down the road. A
nimble gazelle with size, runs well in all facets, and possesses a
quick first step. I can see him manning CF, as he may not bulk up
losing speed to force into RF, overall great range. His arm
registers well, should improve a tick as he gains additional strength
and cleaner transition. Just close your eyes and listen, the ball
scream off the bat in a hurry. Ear hole hands and a touch of bat
wrap, nothing alarming as almost no trigger. Hands drive through the
zone in a hurry, good path and compact swing. Lower half transition
and balance is clean, squares up constantly. At times tries to upper
cut the swing, he drops his hands a touch earlier in the zone for to
pull. Controls the bat head well at this stage, at best with a touch
of lift in the line drive path. Shows pull power at this stage. The
ball jumps off the bat as he rides with the pitches and sees decent
gap power to LCF, power to all fields type future. Ceiling of dual
plus hitter, really five tool package with almost all close or above
plus ceilings.

Slot: Top half of 1st round

Clint Frazier Loganville HS, Loganville GA
Committed to UGA

Clint has a lot of body similarities to Aaron Rowand, much stronger
frame, fast twitch in comparisons, better overall ability. He is
under six foot and if he were three inches taller, we are talking
about a legit no questions asked top pick in almost every draft. One
look, even in a shirt and pants, he shows the size and definition in
upper back, lower half, carries it extremely well. I would not put it
past him to add weight and still carry it cleanly, as he could fill
out a bit more in the rear. Size and definition in forearms, real
strong gym rat, has a body better than major league players,
definitely full of fast twitch explosive ability. He makes everything
look effortless and easy. Speed is more quick burst, first step is
off in a hurry, can see him staying above average as he matures. Arm
is a legit 8, it has the speed and carry to be one of the best in
baseball. At the plate, setup is ear hole hands, up/out are ideal. He
has a bit of drift load, heavy back leg weight transfer, and gives him
a rocking motion type weight shift forward, sometimes a bit too much
weight out front. Hands are compact and thrown out on a dart. His
wing is extremely quick, fast hand speed, path is level with a touch
of lift. Clint shows solid lag in the swing, gets a good deal of
torque and power from the core. Lower half has clean transition,
quite, other than weight transfer, squarely up constantly. Shows
impressive pull power for his size, as ball jumps off the bat. He has
the bat speed to lift or line it out, that impressive of power
potential. I see some pop to RCF and carry, maturation and cleaner
approach could show power to all fields. As with Meadows, he has the
raw traits and abilities to showcase all five tools, in a slightly
more compact frame.

Slot: Top half of 1st round

Kort Peterson St Francis HS, Aptos CA
Committed to UCLA

Body has a quick double take to a young Nate McLouth. Athletic, narrow
frame, and light in the pants. Average development to this point, and
looks to be 165 pounds. I can see him at 185-190 pounds, as he
matures, without impacting athletic ability. It would not shock me to
see additional size could enhance his athleticism. Kort has some
straight line speed and on the paths has good instincts that could
allow the skill to play up. In the field, he has the arm strength and
carry to profile in RF to go along with above average range, but shows
more of corner ability. It is not out of the question that some
muscle and strength could push him into CF, as he has a nice first
step. At his best in the box, the 5 O’clock bat shows above average
bat speed. He has the hands out, back, and ear hole high. The hands
rarely drift as he loads.. His hands remain compact, stay inside, and
show the foundation to go along with the bat speed. In game at bats,
the hand path has slight inconsistencies and rarely attacks in same
manner. The inconsistent path leaves him topping, failing to square
up the bat head on consistent basis. He was caught on decent
off-speed a few times at the Tournament of Stars event. Overall at
the plate, he is raw with traits you cannot teach. A high track and
follow, good athlete, shows some tools, player who could sneak into
higher rounds with some maturation and mechanical adjustments in the
batters box.

Slot: 4th to 6th round

Jake Fraley Red Lion Christian Academy, Middletown DE
Committed to LSU

He reminds me of a recent draft pick in David Dahl. Ideal athletic
frame; he has some present upper body development with wide shoulders
and upper back. Good development in the quads, but can see some
projection with a bit more weight in the rear. Speed should give him
solid range, not out of the question that he could play CF. He has
the arm speed and strength to play anywhere, but he will need to tweak
his footwork as there were false steps and an extra steps at times.
He has a slightly wider than shoulder stance, not much leg lift and
maintains that stance throughout the swing. Hands are shoulder level
and out at setup; there is some deep hand loading as he transitions.
This action drops the hands a bit further back, leaving him long
through the zone. He has a natural left handed uplifting swing, good
hand and bat speed. There is some forced type lift in his swing,
where he should be a better low ball hitter down the line. I wonder
if the setup and style will leave him exposed to offerings in the
upper half of the zone, maybe even low and away could give him
trouble, presently some contact concerns. He shows the raw traits and
fast twitch actions you look for out of athletes, so learning curve
and changes in approach could see the hit tool progress, power as he

Slot: 5th to 7th round

Cord Sandberg Manatee HS, Bradenton FL
Committed to MSU

Tim Tebow light, that is about the best comparison I can give him
while watching a high school football game of his. He has the size,
frame, strength, that sky is the limit if he chose baseball. Although
a college recruiter told me, back in 2011, he could be the premier
dual threat quarterback of his class. He shows above average speed,
impressive for size, may keep it with an additional weight to his
frame as he carries it well. Impressive range and ability in the
field, covers ground with aggressive style. Cord has a a long arc in
his throw at takes some zap out of it, arm is above average, but not
elite where he may fit more as a LF, if he transitions into a
professional baseball player. For a kid that has limited exposure, I
like some aspects of his swing and path. Up and out at setup, he
shows some bat wrap and hand wrap that will have to be compacted. He
does drop his hands a bit early in the zone, but some powerful wrist
and forearm whip the bat through the zone. Cord’s lower half weight
transfer gets a bit too far out front at times, but he squares up
well. You see the glimpses, when he does everything right that ball
jumps off the bat in a hurry. He has clear fast twitch athletic
ability that raw power is limitless. He has the chops to iron out the
approach. If he dedicated himself, there is baseline tools to make him
a solid above average regular with power. He is not jumping into the
first or second tier of HS outfielders; although Cord is a baseball
first guy, he may have to be picked in the first 30-40 slots to forgo
playing on Saturday’s in SEC stadiums.

Slot: 2nd to 3rd round

J.B. Woodman Edgewater HS, Orlando FL
Committed to Ole Miss

His body and frame have a look similar to former Ole Miss standout
Chris Coghlan, although a bit more athletic and explosive. Solid
development, some size in the upper legs, rear, and upper torso. He
could fill out a big more, show a bit more definition, so there is
plenty of projection left. On the field, he has a false step in his
setup and could clean up mechanically. Good actions to get the ball
out, see the arm strength and carry to sit above average, maybe
borderline plus grade. Speed is above average, quick burst out of his
stance, more short burst explosive ability. His set up is shoulder
width with ear hole hands. A baby leg lift gets his lower half in
motion, good balance from the lower half, solid weight transfer. As
he transitions, you see a touch of hand load leading him to drop his
hands a touch early in the zone, minor things to clean up and will
help his overall approach. Good hand speed and swing stay on path
with a bit of lift to it. Solid control of the bat head and clean
extension, solid plate coverage with present spray gap power. He is a
player that could end up stepping on the Ole Miss campus and turn into
a top 30 prospect in the 2016 draft, very intriguing player to watch
in the spring and presently a wide grade on his overall game.

Slot: 3rd to 6th round

Steve Fiorindo
Steve Fiorindo
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Steve Fiorindo has been with Bullpen Banter for over a year now. He lives in Southern California and has been focusing on amateur and minor league prospects. He's been hitting the video hard this past year with a lot of his work being featured on MLB Networks draft coverage in 2012. Steve can be reached by email at SFiorindo@BullpenBanter.com and you can follow him on Twitter: @SocalSteve9

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