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Al Skorupa’s Midseason Top 100 list

Written By on 23rd August, 2012

A little dated at this point, but I promised some people I would release my personal list when the forum was up. Like all top X prospect lists, this was a snapshot of a moment in time (specifically my deadline so we could put together the BB list!). Player values and preferences change every day – and there’s nothing unusual or wrong about that. That’s the nature of the beast. So comments like “how can you have so and so ranked here???” are most likely to elicit the response “I don’t have them there anymore, bud, I started this list a couple months back.

Also should note this was a quickly done list. That’s not to say I rushed or didn’t debate the crap out of this thing and agonize over it… but compared to the offseason list where I consider 30-40 players in each org and talk to contacts, research, go back to my videos, splice and shuffle the list ten ways, etc… well, this thing was nowhere near as lengthy or in depth a project. That’s not to say its not a worthwhile read (I hope!). I just can’t take three months to go through my typical offseason list and talk to the same amount of people. Otherwise my “midseason” list wouldn’t be done until September!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. I take great pride in the fact my preseason list had Bundy and Walker as the 2nd and 3rd best pitching prospects in the game. Many of the placements on my preseason list seem obvious now, but they weren’t at all the consensus at the time I assure you – go back and check if you’d like!

  • 1 A Jurickson Profar SS TEX
  • 2 A Dylan Bundy RHS BAL
  • 3 A Wil Myers COF KC
  • 4 A Taijuan Walker RHS SEA
  • 5 A Gerrit Cole RHS PIT
  • 6 A Manny Machado SS/3B BAL
  • 7 A- Danny Hultzen LHP SEA
  • 8 A- Zack Wheeler RHS NYM
  • 9 A- Jameson Taillon RHS PIT
  • 10 A- Tyler Skaggs LHS ARI
  • 11 A- Archie Bradley RHS ARI
  • 12 A- Travis D’Arnaud C TOR
  • 13 A- Matt Barnes RHS BOS
  • 14 B+ Christian Yelich OF MIA
  • 15 B+ Xander Bogaerts SS/3B BOS
  • 16 B+ Oscar Taveras COF STL
  • 17 B+ Mason Williams CF NYY
  • 18 B+ Byron Buxton OF MIN
  • 19 B+ Francisco Lindor SS CLE
  • 20 B+ Carlos Correa SS/3B HOU
  • 21 B+ Anthony Rendon 3B WAS
  • 22 B+ Nick Castellanos 3B DET
  • 23 B+ Aaron Sanchez RHP TOR
  • 24 B+ Kevin Gausman RHP BAL
  • 25 B+ Kyle Zimmer RHP KC
  • 26 B+ Max Fried LHP SD
  • 27 B+ Jose Fernandez RHP MIA
  • 28 B+ Mike Zunino C SEA
  • 29 B+ Jorge Soler OF CHC
  • 30 B+ Albert Almora OF CHC
  • 31 B+ Nolan Arenado 3B COL
  • 32 B+ Miguel Sano 3B MIN
  • 33 B+ Lucas Giolito RHP WAS
  • 34 B+ Daniel Norris LHS TOR
  • 35 B+ Bubba Starling CF KC
  • 36 B+ Anthony Gose CF TOR
  • 37 B+ Nick Franklin SS SEA
  • 38 B+ Trevor Story SS COL
  • 39 B+ Alen Hanson SS PIT
  • 40 B+ Jacob Marisnick CF TOR
  • 41 B+ Kaleb Cowart 3B LAA
  • 42 B+ Noah Syndergaard RHP TOR
  • 43 B+ Javier Baez SS/3B CHC
  • 44 B+ Matt Harvey RHS NYM
  • 45 B+ Carlos Martinez RHP STL
  • 46 B+ Jackie Bradley, Jr CF BOS
  • 47 B+ Shelby Miller RHS STL
  • 48 B+ Mike Olt 3B TEX
  • 49 B+ George Springer CF HOU
  • 50 B+ Jake Odorizzi RHS KC
  • 51 B+ Taylor Guerrieri RHP TB
  • 52 B+ Starling Marte CF PIT
  • 53 B+ Jedd Gyorko 3B SD
  • 54 B+ Joe Ross RHP SD
  • 55 B+ Robert Stephenson RHS CIN
  • 56 B+ Jean Segura SS LAA
  • 57 B Justin Nicolino LHS TOR
  • 58 B James Paxton LHP SEA
  • 59 B Luis Heredia RHP PIT
  • 60 B Jonathan Singleton 1B HOU
  • 61 B Jose Campos RHP NYY
  • 62 B Trevor Rosenthal RHP STL
  • 63 B Jimmy Nelson RHP MIL
  • 64 B Kyle Crick RHP SF
  • 65 B Chris Stratton RHP CLE
  • 66 B Dan Strailly RHP OAK
  • 67 B Eddie Rosario COF/2B MIN
  • 68 B Billy Hamilton SS/OF CIN
  • 69 B Austin Hedges C SD
  • 70 B Oswaldo Arcia COF MIN
  • 71 B Tyler Austin OF NYY
  • 72 B A.J. Cole RHP OAK
  • 73 B Casey Kelly RHS SD
  • 74 B Garin Cecchini 3B BOS
  • 75 B Rougned Odor 2B TEX
  • 76 B Yordano Ventura RHP KC
  • 77 B Brian Goodwin OF WAS
  • 78 B Tyrell Jenkins RHS STL
  • 79 B Blake Swihart C BOS
  • 80 B Josh Bell COF PIT
  • 81 B Jorge Alfaro C TEX
  • 82 B Lance McCullers RHP HOU
  • 83 B Gary Sanchez C/1B NYY
  • 84 B Gregory Polanco OF PIT
  • 85 B Courtney Hawkins OF CWS
  • 86 B Robbie Erlin RHP SD
  • 87 B Marcus Stroman RHP TOR
  • 88 B Tony Cingrani RHP CIN
  • 89 B Daniel Corcino RHP CIN
  • 90 B Cody Buckel RHP TEX
  • 91 B Manny Banuelos LHS NYY
  • 92 B Lucas Sims RHP ATL
  • 93 B Rymer Liriano COF SD
  • 94 B Luke Jackson RHS TEX
  • 95 B Henry Owens LHS BOS
  • 96 B Michael Wacha RHP CWS
  • 97 B Trevor May RHS PHI
  • 98 B Zach Lee RHS LAD
  • 99 B Gavin Cecchini SS NYM
  • 100 B Kolten Wong 2B STL

7 Comments on "Al Skorupa’s Midseason Top 100 list"

  1. Profile Photo
    Al Skorupa August 24, 2012 at 2:53 am - Reply

    In terms of the biggest movers since I created this list (again, just eyeballing this stuff as I don’t have the time to go through a full top 100 process like in the offseason):



    Travis d’Arnaud – I think he’s still going to be a very good all around catcher, but the more I looked at him and my notes along with some discussions I had with scouts I’m not sure the AVG will be anything great. Overall, he should be one of the better catchers in the game but is there really impact potential here? Not so sure there is. Glove a little sloppy. Much of his ranking and grade were based on how close to the majors he is and how much of a sure thing in a lot of ways/known commodity. With his injury some of that luster has worn off. Still very good and still a top 25 guy most likely. Just down a little.

    Bubba Starling – He’s just so raw. I knew that’s what I should expect coming in, but the fact is he needs a lot of work. Chris Blessing and I had a discussion about this and his evaluation and observations left me with some concerns (I trust Chris’s opinion as much as any source I have).

    Noah Syndergaard – Throws gas, but I’m afraid its straight. Still an exciting arm but fits better a few slots down I think. Still undecided on this one. 

    Luis Heredia – Despite some glowing reports from people, Jeff Reese’s observations kind of confirmed my fears here. Still pretty good and its amazing where he is at such a young age, but is there really top of the rotation upside here? He’s a fairly maxed out 19 year old. Where will the velo bump come from?



    Oscar Taveras – I don’t know why I keep doubting this guy. Well, actually I guess I do know why… and I’ve elaborated on the reasons a few times. Well, he’s just great enough to overcome my problems with parts of his game. He’s gonna be a very good one. Idealogically, I don’t really have an issue with doubting these kind of guys until they prove it. I think that doubting them is the proper approach for me to take. I haven’t seen Taveras live – if I had I might feel different and I might have been more willing to make a bold call. As is, if you do things differently I’m skeptical. 99% of guys who do things differently end up justifying the skepticism. Taveras is the rare exception who comes out even more exciting on the other side. I’m ok with that and with the egg on my face! I realize many of you are probably thinking #16 ain’t low… its not, but I still feel its too low by a little and my previous doubts deserved to be addressed. 

    Kaleb Cowart – I’ve loved this kid and been pumping him up on the site since he was drafted. Really like his game. I’ve had him higher on my lists than you’ll see anywhere else but I’ve been kind of afraid to make a really bold call on him and I regret not being more aggressive on him.  

    James Paxton – Had the ill luck to be hitting his worst stretch of the season when this list was made. 

    Joe Ross & Robert Stephenson – Thought I was being aggressive with their rankings. I think I still shot too low. They fit better with higher rated arms. 

  2. Profile Photo
    Nick in Cincinnati September 3, 2012 at 4:56 pm - Reply

    Hey Al, I would be interested in hearing your updated thoughts on Shelby Miller. His season was the tale of two halves. Terrible early, excellent late. Which is the real deal? Do you think he has regained his elite prospect status?
    I am also eager to hear your view on Anthony Rendon. His major injury took its toll on his season and his performance hasn’t been good since coming back, but I still feel he is an elite prospect. Do you agree? I know injury concerns will be valid going forward, but based purely on his talent and skills do you think he will be an All-Star caliber player when healthy?

    • Profile Photo
      Al Skorupa September 4, 2012 at 6:40 pm - Reply

      Hey Nick, thanks for commenting.


      On Shelby Miller – If you go back and look at my rankings and articles I was a big proponent of his from his draft year on as the stuff was always pretty electric. I would say he has regained much of his status, though I wouldn’t consider him a top 10 type of prospect at this point I don’t think (just eyeballing this stuff as I’ve barely started my org lists/the first part of my big offseason review and list making process). Is he a top 25? 50? prospect? I would probably say yes though I need to talk to a couple contacts before I commit to that. The issue with Miller earlier this year wasn’t so much stuff, velo or performance as it was a combination of micro things that dropped him a bit. Maturity was one of the issues I was hearing about  - and its really nothing that raises red flags or anything. Miller remains a solid bet to be a productive major league arm and has some very good stuff, but I’m not without some concerns.

      I probably won’t be the high man on Rendon this offseason around here because we have some really big fans on staff, but he’s extremely polished with true impact tools and you can expect to see him quite high on my list. I haven’t seen his medical records nor would I obviously be qualified to make much out of them, but I did hear some trepidation from scouts/a couple teams pre-draft. Its really impossible to say if he’ll stay healthy, but I’d lean to the optimistic side here as none of those issues were all that alarming long term to me (again, not a doctor, though!). I definitely feel he’s an elite prospect.

  3. Profile Photo
    Seth September 5, 2012 at 12:37 pm - Reply

    Two guys that I’m very high on that you seem to be much less impressed with are Gary Sanchez and Jon Singleton. What concerns do you have with them? I’ve heard that Sanchez’ defense has been improved this year. I also have Wilmer Flores ranked in the middle of my top-100 and was a little surprised to see him omitted.

    • Profile Photo
      Al Skorupa September 5, 2012 at 11:06 pm - Reply

      Thanks for commenting, Seth.

      On Singleton – I had a lot of faith in the bat going into the season and he’s mosly delivery on that, but its just very hard to rank high on my pref list as a 1B. I do think he’ll hit at the major league level, but I’m not at all sure he profiles as any kind of special bat. Some points against him: He played in the very hitter friendly Texas League. He played in a hitter friendly park, albeit one that deflated HRs for LHH slightly (while inflating 2Bs & 3Bs). Ton of swing and miss. He’s a 1B only. He can’t hit LHP. You’ve got to be a pretty special bat to break my top 50 as a 1B only type.

      Sanchez – My contacts just aren’t that high on Sanchez’s glove. I’m grading him as having a significant chance of moving to 1B and/or being a poor defensive catcher. While I’ve read/heard that he’s been improving this season a) I’m skeptical of making bold calls on stuff like that generally until I put my own eyes on the player; and b) I really question whether he has the general athleticism and agility to ever be even an average defender. He’s just never going to be that mobile laterally behind that plate and that counts a lot for me. His throwing mechanics are poor, too. He’s going to hit though, and I ranked him at perhaps THE low point of his value when I made this list… so expect him to move up quite a bit in my offseason rankings. He was demoted earlier in the year to extended spring for attitude problems, too, and that turned off a couple of contacts I talked to. He really put the pedal down after I made this list… so expect a big climb.

      Flores – Tyler Bullock just saw him play up in Portland and I think Chris Blessing saw him as well and their observations fit with what I’ve been told. He’s a very poor runner and doesn’t really have a defensive fit anywhere. I don’t remember the entire story but my recollection is he had a foot? leg? injury as a child and he really is a bottom of the scale runner. Not much in the way of athleticism. 3B might be the optimistic fit at this point – and he might stick there just because you can’t put him anywhere else even though he’s not great there. He’s not going to have enough straight ahead speed for the outfield. For a corner guy he doesn’t walk much (though he doesn’t strike out much and puts the ball in play). Flores has raised his stock but he’s still not a prospect that excites me. I’m a lot more comfortable projecting him as a major leaguer than I was last year but I’m just not sure where he would fit into a team’s plans. He may not be able to play anywhere well enough to profile as a regular on a first division club (other than 1B – where the bat doesn’t profile well).

    • Profile Photo
      Jeff Reese September 7, 2012 at 8:35 am - Reply

      I feel that Al is light on both of them for what it’s worth.

      • Profile Photo
        Seth September 7, 2012 at 9:50 am - Reply

        Thanks for the response, guys. 

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