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Cody Asche

Written By on 23rd August, 2012

Whats the scouting report on him?  what kind of player can you project him to be?  power? average? and does he project as a ml regular or just a utility man.  thanks

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    Al Skorupa August 24, 2012 at 2:27 pm - Reply

    Thanks for commenting, knicksfan491. BB author Don Olsen had a response for you but he’s been having some connectivity issues so I’m posting it for him: 


    Cody Asche is one of those types of players that every organization needs in its fold.  He was always a productive hitter at Nebraska and there is not much of a shock that his production has translated into the AA level.

    In terms of prospect and tools, there is not much to right home about as his fast twitch athletic ability is limited.  He has some adaqute range at third base, along with good enough arm, but both are borderline to stick at the major league level on a regular basis.  

    His bat speed is simply okay, more of slider bat speed, gets a great deal of help with his pitch selection and plate awareness.  Cody has some decent barrel awareness, rather compact level left handed swing, but overall he has more of an average ceiling with the stick.  I feel he is more contact driven than power, but both are likely limited due to the bat speed.

    He could be that type of player showcasing as an everyday regular for a cup of coffee, but his lack of fast twtich ability could get him exposed, making him a more utlity type hitter off the bench.

    Still, he is a good type of player to have in a system, providing depth and insurance.  I have seen strange things happen with development in my time; there is always a shot.- Don Olsen

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