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Game Report: Mets Prospect Logan Verrett

Written By on 25th July, 2012

I had a brief 3 inning look at Mets Prospect and Savannah Sand Gnats pitcher Logan Verrett against the Rome Braves during the second week of the 2012 baseball season. Unfortunately, the game was suspended after two lighting banks went dim, not once but twice, and the grounds crew was unable to power them back up after the outage.  Although I wasn’t able to compile a full report on Verritt, I have just enough to form a few opinions.

First, a little background on Logan Verrett.  Verrett was the Mets third round draft pick in 2011, the 101st pick overall.  He was ranked as the 83rd best prospect in the draft by both ESPN’s Keith Law and Baseball America after a steller career at Baylor University.  Verrett made his professional debut  this season as was the Sand Gnats opening day starter.  Verrett is apart of a loaded Sand Gnats staff that includes Domingo Tapia, Michael Fulmer, Rafael Montero, Tyler Pill, Alex Panteliodis & Jake Leathersich.  Unfortunately, after this start, as reported by Mets Minor League Blog’s Toby Hyde, Verrett was placed on the 7 day DL with Shoulder Fatigue, which isn’t believed to be serious.

Verrett featured three pitches during his start against the Braves, a fastball, slider and change up.  He showcased an average looking 2 seam fastball that I saw clocked in the low 90s.  This pitch was an average offering, with some nice downward action into the kitchen of right handed hitters.  He was able to command the pitch for the first two innings, then, after a 15 minute delay that interrupted his 3rd inning of work, he seemed to lose command of the pitch.  Of course, all the video footage was from that third inning in question.

His slider was also a fairly average offering.  It was very tight.  Like his fastball, he had a good handle on the pitch, able to hit his spots with ease.  As like the fastball, it suffered during the 3rd inning starting and stopping due to the power outage.

Verrett’s best pitch is change up.  Since I’m new at Bullpen Banter, I’ll let you all in on a little secret that readers familiar with my work can attest two.  I absolutely love me a A ball or lower hurler with major league velocity on his fastball, coupled with an ability to throw a good change up.    I have seen over 60 Class A games or lower over the past 3 seasons and I can still count the guys able to do both of these things on one hand.  In fact, take away the 2009 season from that equation, where I was lucky enough to see Mets prospect Kyle Allen face off against Braves Phenom Julio Teheran, and I’ve seen exactly 1 other pitcher with the ability to combine these two attributes, Mets prospect Juan Urbina.  Unlike Urbina, who has youth and being left handed on his side, Verrett can command his pitches.

Anyway, back to Verrett’s change up.  Great arm action, good speed differential (about 7 MPH) and good late downward movement.  His change up makes his other two pitches much better than they really are. Without the change up, I would probably dismiss Verrett as another college arm that will struggle at the upper levels.  With the Change up, I see him with the potential to be a solid, back of the rotation starter.

Mechanically, I noticed that Logan puts some strain on his pitching arm.  I don’t think this is a serious problem.  To me, he seems to underutilized his lower half throughout his delivery.  I wouldn’t say that I’m too concerned by future health problems; however, it is something I thought needed to be pointed out.  I hope to see Verrett back in the Savannah box scores soon.

Chris Blessing
Chris Blessing
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Chris has been writing about baseball prospects for 3 years now, getting his start writing Journal entries at Metsgeek and providing content at Mike Newman's Scouting the Sally. Chris resides in Dalton, GA and is Bullpen Banter's main correspondent for the Appalachian, South Atlantic and Southern League. In his free time, Chris plays softball, travels a bunch and acts in community theater.


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