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Profiling Cubs Signing Jen-Ho Tseng

Written By on 10th August, 2013

Two weeks ago, the Cubs signed Jen-Ho Tseng from Taiwan. Tseng was rated highly by many outlets, and the Cubs gave him a bonus $1.625 million. With that added to the cost of their other signings, the Cubs are likely to face stiff penalties for next season under MLB’s new international signing rules; with that in mind, let’s look at what they’re getting for their money.

Jen-Ho Tseng RHP
6’1′ 195 lbs.
Date of Birth: October 3, 1994
Number of Views: 2 (2012 WJBC) (2013 WBCQ)

Good build with a bit of physical projection, not much refinement to this point that needs to clean up. His frame could carry a lot of weight. He shows the typical Chinese Taipei overhead delivery with the delay pause timing trigger. High leg kick push, high enough that it creates timing issues with runners on base that will have to be cut down and refined in a professional setting.

Fast arm speed. Arm action is typical slot, hides the ball well, a little behind at landing, arsenal has some hop to it with the ball hiding and the delay pause in the delivery. His extension works in two separate directions, head and shoulder pull, needs to quiet and work downhill. Fastball is heavy, and good plane for size, game ran 89-90 (92) mph. Curve, possibly a spiked curve, 72-75 mph with 12/6 tight rotation and great depth. The offering shows deceptive late action break, potential above average offering. Change 80 – 82 mph with a bit of hard hand rotation. It has hand side fade, gets depth and late drop out of the zone, solid two way movement; offering with a good deal of deception and projectable.

FB: 45 (60)
CV: 45 (55)
CH: 40 (55)
CNT: 40 (55)
CMD: 45 (55)
OFP: 57

Don Olsen
Don Olsen
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One Comment on "Profiling Cubs Signing Jen-Ho Tseng"

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    Melotticus August 12, 2013 at 1:57 am -

    From all the reports on the Cubs IFA signee’s it seems like they’re punting next years IFA class and going all out this year, no matter the penalties and fines. 
    Tseng sounds like he can a good #3 if he can add some MPH to the heat. It wouldn’t surprise me if he gained weight/strength with the culture change. I also love to see that double overhand yella hammer with good difference in speed to the fastball.