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Video Roundup – 2012 NYPL All-Star Game: American League

Written By on 24th August, 2012

I would like to thank Tim Pozsgai and the Mahoning Valley Scrappers for the access granted to me throughout this season at Eastwood Field. 

I have a bit of a backlog of videos created without articles highlighting them; the vast majority of my baseball time as we sprint through the waning weeks of the minor league season has been consumed with filming and the subsequent editing of that raw footage. I still hold out hope for more thorough write-ups of some of the bigger prospects that I have seen (and those that I will be seeing), but the NYPL All-Star Game must content itself with the video/brief bullet point notes segment. We’ll start with the American League:

Jeff Ames – RHP – Tampa Bay Rays

  • Sound delivery; not particularly easy but nothing jumps out as troublesome
  • Fastball: 91-93 with good arm-side run and some sink
  • Slider: 84-85
  • Worked both sides of the plate with the fastball
  • Mediocre fastball command; hit spots at times

Christopher Bostick – 2B – Oakland Athletics

  • Athletic with a somewhat thick lower half
  • Patient at the plate
  • Chased a few low fastballs sinking out of the zone

Thomas Coyle – 2B – Tampa Bay Rays

  • Tiny player listed at 5’7 170; fits the scrappy second baseman mold
  • Fouled off good velocity from Mateo
  • Showed patience in his first at bat and then let loose an aggressive swing to line a Robles change up down the RF line for a triple

Luis DeJesus – RHP – Cleveland Indians

  • Farthest long toss of the group by some distance; ultimately spanned from the left-center field wall to RF foul pole
  • Fastball: 87-89 with good arm side run
  • Change-up: 80 with arm side fade
  • 11-5 Breaking Ball: 77-79 slurvy with consistent break; solid pitch
  • Very good command for the level
  • Very similar to the couple of starts that I have seen by DeJesus – good pitchability

Taylor Dugas – OF – New York Yankees

  • Undersized
  • Patient/pesky approach; fouled off low 90s velocity on the inner half of the plate
  • Surprising pop for his size

Taylor Guerrieri – RHP – Tampa Bay Rays

  • Tall and athletic; some lankiness in his body
  • Fast, loose arm
  • Kind of long in the back with a windup that almost looks like a batting cage pitching machine as it winds around before firing
  • Fastball: 91-93 with excellent arm-side run
  • Breaking Ball: 80-81; very tight spin and hard, sharp break
  • Pitches inside and shows good command to both sides of the plate
  • Most impressive arm overall

Kristopher Hall – RHP – Oakland Athletics

  • Fastball: 90-93, fairly straight
  • Curveball: 77-79 with 11-5 break; decent amount of depth
  • Slider: 83-84 with late 10-4 break; darting action
  • Breaking balls blend into one another

Tyler Hanover – 3B – Detroit Tigers

  • Small, undersized infielder
  • Patient¬†approach at the plate
  • Fairly short compact swing
  • Turned on an 88 MPH fastball from Blake Ford and hit a homerun over LF wall; surprising

Jacob Lee – RHP – Cleveland Indians

  • Fastball: 93-94 with some arm-side run
  • Change-up: 83 with some arm-side fade
  • Slider: 84-85 with hard 10-4 break; swing and misses on both times thrown (low and in to LH batter)
  • Showed a good feel for the strike zone

Sam Kimmel – C – Baltimore Orioles

  • Did not look good defensively:
  • Reactions a bit slow on mis-thrown pitches
  • Pop time of 2.03 seconds to second base; accuracy is lacking; tended to fade to the right

Jose Molina – LHP – Tampa Bay Rays

  • Short and thin
  • Relief type of delivery; falls off the mound hard at times
  • Fastball: 91-92, touched 94 with some arm-side run
  • Slider: 85 with downward break
  • Threw a pitch at 87 (hitting Gaffney) that looked a bit like a cutter

James Pazos – LHP – New York Yankees

  • Peculiar delivery with a hooked wrist
  • Fastball: 89-92 with late arm-side run
  • Slider: 82, lacked shape

Leonardo Reginatto – SS – Tampa Bay Rays

Joe Sever – IF – Cleveland Indians

  • Showed surprising amount of carry during the HR Derby; Did not think he had that kind of power in him

Matt Snyder – 1B – New York Yankees

Francisco Taveras – LHP – Boston Red Sox

  • Fastball: 85-87 with a touch of run; not a lot of movement overall
  • Curveball: 72-74 big 1-7 break; looked a bit loopy at times

Josh Turley – LHP – Detroit Tigers

  • Fastball: 87 with a lot of arm side run
  • Slider: 79 with saucer like break
  • Change-up: 80 with armside fade
  • Quick, deceptive pick off move

Danry Vasquez – OF – Detroit Tigers

John Wooten – 1B – Oakland Athletics

Jeff Reese
Jeff Reese
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