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2013 Fantasy Prospect Rankings: Shortstop

Written By on 28th March, 2013

These fantasy prospect rankings are for the typical 5×5 format. Players are eligible at a position if it’s more likely than not they will eligible at a position in the future. The tiers are comparable across lists.

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Tier 1
Addison Russell
Jurickson Profar
Xander Bogearts
Javier Baez

I expect the tiered shortstop rankings to be among the most controversial. But frankly, Russell was an easy choice for the top slot. He won’t match Profar’s WAR, but he’ll be a five category stud and I’ll take his power and speed upside over Profar’s reliability. As I mentioned in the second base rankings, Profar will also be a five category contributor but he won’t surpass the position’s 12 HR/15 SB average by a substantial margin whereas Russell has a chance to be a 25/25 guy at short.

Bogearts and Baez are a cut below because neither projects to steal bases, placing a burden on their bats. I’d bet on both bats, but their upside still only touches four categories.

Tier 2
Carlos Correa
Alen Hanson
Trevor Story

Correa’s talent makes him a desirable fantasy assets, but he also projects to be a four category hitter. He’ll also start the year at Quad Cities, placing his debut at least three years away. As Correa’s sample size grows and we get more looks at him, it wouldn’t surprise me if this placement looks foolish by mid-season.

Like every name proceeding them (except Profar) Alen Hanson and Story may never play shortstop for a Major League team. There are questions about Hanson’s defense and Story, whose solid at short, may be pushed to second if Tulowitzki’s injuries don’t force him to third. At any position both have intriguing fantasy profiles.

Hanson should post well above average steals with moderate power and a league average BA.  But, his value drops quite a bit if he moves to center as Chris predicts.  From what I’ve seen from Story, he should be average across the board with the potential to be a tick above in power.

Tier 3
Franciso Lindor
Dorssys Paulino

Ah, a pair of young Cleveland shortstops. Lindor is the only other sure fire shortstop in the group, boosting his value a tick. He should be a good to great source of steals, but I don’t believe his home run total will enter double digits. If you’re looking for a fantasy comp, look no further than Elvis Andrus.

I love Paulino’s swing and believe he could produce average power and an above average batting average from short. He doesn’t have the four category upside of Bogearts, Baez or Correa, but he’ll still be a valuable fantasy asset at short, second or third (in Cleveland or elsewhere).

Tier 4

Roman Quinn

Quinn is a favorite of FanGraphs colleague Mike Newman. If he steals as many bases as Mike believes he can – Quinn stole 30 last season – the steals will make any other deficiency.

JD Sussman
JD Sussman
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2 Comments on "2013 Fantasy Prospect Rankings: Shortstop"

  1. Profile Photo
    El GUAPO March 29, 2013 at 10:58 am -

    Moving Story to 2B because Tulowitzski is at SS suggests you don’t value Josh Rutledge much. We like Rutledge to either take over at SS for a traded Tulo or stick at 2B because his bat at that position would be very strong.

    • Profile Photo
      JD Sussman March 29, 2013 at 12:13 pm -

      No, I’m not a big believer in Rutledge. First, how exactly is Tulowitzki being traded? He’s not only the face of the franchise but he’s owed a considerable about of money. There is a non-zero chance he can be traded, but the chance closer to zero than 10%. Then you have Arenado at third, Tulo at SS and Rutledge or Story at second. If Tulowitski moves to 3B and Arenado to 1st there may be no issue. But, if it’s Rutledge v Story, give me Story.